Richard van Leeuwen


Drummer of ABSOLUTELY FLOYD and XENO (new album 2020)

Also known as drummer of REBELSTAR, FROZEN SUN and THRENODY


Richard van Leeuwen is a Dutch rock drummer and session musician. Besides his technical drum skills, he is also highly appreciated for his solid grooves and musicality. Since the early 90's, Richard has been building a strong live reputation by touring with bands like Within Temptation, Frozen Sun and USA guitar shredder Adam Bomb. His current discography includes albums with Rebelstar, Xeno and Threnody, amongst others.

Richard was born in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands, and started playing the drums at age 13. Only a couple of years later he toured the local club scene with his band Vulture, and got exposure on prime time TV in a documentary about underground music. After a few attempts to pursue a music career in the UK, Richard moved back to The Netherlands and joined the melodic rock band Flyer, who got signed a major record deal by Dureco.

Turning point in his career was 1995, when Richard was a member of the prog-deathmetal band Threnody. Their second album “Bewildering Thoughts” was an international success, and is considered a classic and a milestone in the genre, up to this day. Richard’s flamboyant drum style on this album was instantly noticed by international press, describing him as a “super drummer”. A year later Richard was asked to join Frozen Sun, who were signed by DSFA records and Mojo Concerts, which resulted in 2 albums, 3 MTV videos and a full live concert broadcasted by TMF.

Fast forward to present day: Richard is the drummer of choice of classic rock veterans, like Leon Goewie (Vengeance), Jay Bodean (Bodine), Robert Soeterboek (Ayreon), Stan Verbraak (Helloise) and Chriz van Jaarsveld (Sleeze Beez), performing material from their classic albums.

For years in a row, Richard has been ranked #4 "Best Hardrock/Metal Drums Benelux" in Slagwerkkrant Magazine. Richard has been awarded 5 stars (of 5) by DrummersZone.


Richard plays Ludwig drums exclusively, and is supported by Terpstra Muziek Drumland