Ludwig Keystone Drums, Gold Sparkle

Since 2010, the Ludwig Keystone series drums bridge the gap between innovation and history offering a new sonic pallet to the Ludwig Sound with a completely new shell for today’s high-volume drummer. The Ludwig Keystone has a 5-ply shell, consisting of a 3-ply Maple core 
used in Ludwig’s Classic Maple drums, and is then augmented with inner and outer plys of American Red Oak. It has dual 45 degrees bearing edges.

A. 14 x 6.5 inch Black Beauty Snare Drum 
B. 13 x 9 inch Rack Tom
C. 16 x 16 inch Floor Tom
D. 18 x 16 inch Floor Tom
E. 24 x 14 inch Bass Drum

Paiste Cymbals
1. 15 inch 2002 Sound Edge Hihat
2. 18 inch 2002 Crash
3. 22 inch Signature Reflector Bell Ride ("The Powerslave")
4. 20 inch 2002 Medium Crash
5. 18 inch 2000 Sound Reflections China Type

DW Hardware
5000 Turbo Double Pedal
5000 Series Hihat Stand
5000 Series Cymbal Stands
9000 Series Snare Stands

Remo Drumheads
Ambassador Coated on Snaredrum
Emperor Clear on Tom batter
Ambassador clear on Tom resonant

Vic Firth 
American Classic 5B sticks